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Asset Progression

What is Asset Progression?

Is buying or selling a property always a step towards Asset Progression? In short, yes because you own another asset or you actualized your gains from your property investment. However, another question to ask is will the transaction of that property hinder your asset growth in the long run? 

Following a systematic approach, I will formulate a plan for you, based on the property as well as the market sentiments, through forecasting the growth of the property.

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What I have done previously.

Case Facts

Mr and Mrs Tan, 35 years old, with a combined income of $8,000

Plan: Sell their 4 room HDB flat and buy a resale Executive Maisonette

Heading 1

Case Facts

Mr and Mrs Choy, 35 and 31 years old with a combined income of $12,000

Plan: Sell their 5 room HDB and upgrade to a Condominium or Executive Condominium

Case Facts

Mr Chua, 38 years old, with a monthly income of $7,000

Plan: Move out and live by himself with a property that preserves its value over time leaving him with more options in the future all while maintaining a healthy cash flow. Plans to purchase a 1 bedroom Condominium

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